My books

E-Learning Provocateur: Volumes 1, 2 & 3

The E-Learning Provocateur volumes collate my articles from this blog.

My musings provoke deeper thinking across a range of themes in the modern workplace – including:

E-Learning Provocateur: Volume 1•   Mobile learning
•   Informal learning
•   Social learning
•   Instructional design
•   Learning management
•   MOOCs
•   Flipped classrooms
•   Open badges
•   Augmented reality
•   Cloud computing
•   Self publishing
•   The future of e-learning

Read peer reviews of the volumes here:

•   eLearn Magazine   •   The eLearning Coach   •   E-Learning Academy

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Ryan the Lion

Ryan the LionRyan the Lion is a children’s story that explores themes of social tolerance, self-esteem and personal identity.

Ryan is a lion cub who acts like the other animals in the jungle because he thinks they are cooler than lions. In doing so, however, he attracts their ridicule.

As Ryan grows up, his mane gets longer and his roar develops. Soon he attracts admiration, and he feels pride in being himself.

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3 Comments on “My books”

  1. Ryan Tracey Says:

    Czar is my childhood nickname ;0)

  2. sensemakey Says:

    That’s interesting! How did czar get to be your nickname? Were you a tyrannical eldest sibling? ;) Funny that you’ve written one children’s book… I have, as well (sort of) – unpublished, of course! lol, it’s called The Messy Closet.

  3. Ryan Tracey Says:

    I *was* a tyrannical eldest sibling!

    When my brother was very young, he couldn’t pronounce my name, and his own special language word for me sounded like “czar”. Actually, “Ryan” means “little king” in its original Gaelic form, so obviously it was meant to be. You may call me King if you wish.

    But seriously, why don’t you publish The Messy Closet yourself? Anyone can do it. Check out my tips & tricks for self publishers:


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