Welcome to Ryan 2.0!

Welcome to my blog, Ryan 2.0.

This blog is a forum to share my thoughts and ideas about everything e‑learning, to explore new tools and technologies, and to highlight trends and changing behaviours in the online world.

Who am I…? Well, you can find out more at About me.

Why have I named my blog Ryan 2.0…? Because on a personal level, it represents my next big step in our evolving participatory culture.

Just as the shift from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 represents a change from one-way transmission to two-way participation on the Internet, the shift from Ryan 1.0 to Ryan 2.0 represents a similar change in myself.

I am posting my thoughts and ideas to the world via this blog, and in so doing I hope to generate constructive feedback, conversation and collaboration.

I hope you find this blog useful, thought-provoking and fun, and I invite you to contribute!


Ryan Tracey

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2 Comments on “Welcome to Ryan 2.0!”

  1. Rhys Moult Says:

    Hey Ryan,
    Good luck on your blog. I was alerted to it via del.icio.us! I have started an e-learning blog too. check it out at http://e-learning-central.blogspot.com/

  2. ryan2point0 Says:

    Thanks Rhys! I’ll add E-Learning Central to my reading list.

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