Mobile Mania and the Business Impact

I attended an informative presentation today called Mobile Mania and the Business Impact presented by Robin Simpson, Research Director at Gartner, and Matt Brennan, Enterprise BDM for Emerging Technologies at Apple.

While both speakers were excellent, Robin highlighted a trend that really struck a chord with me: Technology providers are primarily targeting the consumer market, not the enterprise market. Even when the enterprise market is targeted, it appears to be a secondary, subsequent concern.

A woman's hand holding an iPhone

Take Apple for example. The mania surrounding the opening of Australia’s first Apple Store in Sydney, coinciding with the imminent release of the 3G iPhone here, suggests to me that the big bucks are with the general public.

So what does it mean for the corporate sector? Well, when employees become au fait with various technologies at home, they’ll increasingly expect to use them at work too. We’re already seeing it with social networking, so who’s to say we won’t see it with the iPhone?

But it’s all academic because you use a BlackBerry for work, right?

Regardless of the policies and preferences of our corporate IT departments, people power may just force the issue.

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