Meet Sam the CyberTwin

Over the weekend, AMP added a virtual assistant to its website. Her name is Sam and she’s a CyberTwin.

Sam, AMP's CyberTwin

In a nutshell, a CyberTwin is an avatar that’s powered by AI to chat to real humans. In AMP’s case, Sam has been designed to answer customers’ questions about bank accounts and superannuation.

Can we apply CyberTwins to e-learning?

The short answer is “yes”.

According to MyCyberTwin (Dec 2008)…

CyberTeachers are endlessly patient, and have endless depth of knowledge. They can be trained to offer structured support to learn how to use a new piece of technology, bring life to learning content, and chat to thousands of people simultaneously for hours at a time. Our multi-lingual robots help visitors practice their English skills.

And yes, CyberTwins can be deployed into Second Life.

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2 Comments on “Meet Sam the CyberTwin”

  1. Deb Says:

    That’s pretty neat Ryan ! It works kind of like an animated help system right? Do you have plans of leveraging the same technology and using it internally in your e-learning projects?

  2. ryan2point0 Says:

    Ah, Deb, you know me too well! Yes, I do indeed intend to leverage the same technology for e-learning purposes. I’ve got a few ideas floating around, but nothing definitive as yet. I’m trying to think of something smarter than a glorified search engine.

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