Taking the “e” out of e-learning

Sydney HarbourI started my new role in head office today:

Learning & Organisational Development Manager

It’s broader than my previous E‑Learning Manager role, and I must admit that I’m mourning the loss of the term “E‑Learning” from my title.

Having said that, however, I consider it a sign of organisational maturity.

In my humble opinion, e-learning has converged with learning to such a degree in the corporate sector that, finally, it’s no longer meaningful to differentiate between them.

Net cableIn the modern workplace, both learning and organisational development involve online tools and technologies by default. Anyone who isn’t embracing them will surely be left behind.

So while my job title has changed, I’ll continue to maintain a keen interest in e-learning and apply it to my new role… not just because I want to, but also because I must.

Whole new world

Now, after we have all argued for putting the “e” into e-learning, I propose to flip the argument on its head:

Let’s take the “e” out of e-learning.

In this age of blended learning, it’s a given.

Wire whisk

To practice what I preach, I’m changing the name of my blog from E‑Learning in the Corporate Sector to the simpler but more inclusive Learning in the Corporate Sector.

Does that mean I’ll still blog about e-learning?

You bet!

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10 Comments on “Taking the “e” out of e-learning”

  1. Tony Karrer Says:

    Congrats on the new role.

  2. Joe Deegan Says:

    Here’s to removing the “e” from eLearning. I have found that eLearning is most effective when blended in with traditional face to face learning. With this approach “eLearning” and “Instructor Led Training” are just parts of the overall “Learning” package so why not just call it all learning? Great post!

  3. A timely move. The fact is that learning and e-learning are no longer polar opposites, and are often completely indistinct. Here’s to e(-)volution

  4. Debora Gallo Says:

    Congrats Ryan! I look forward to hearing your insights re the corporate learning world – it’s already making me a bit homesick ;)

  5. Patti Coan Says:

    I agre–The e-, whether delivered formally or informally, is often best blended with the o-t-j (on-the-job) and the f-t-f(face-to-face)!

  6. Peter Zifovich Says:

    I agree lets take out the “e”. In my humble opinion it’s just ‘modern’ learning or ‘of the age’ learning. In other words it’s just learning using current tools and technologies to get the information across.

  7. Ross Hill Says:

    I love it – the online world should be integrated with offline mediums so that it has the most impact.

  8. Abdul Says:

    Nice posting dude. ‘e’ out of elearning is quite interesting.
    yes. i agree that. online is more effective to handle anywhere.

    Thanks for sharing

  9. pal Says:

    Nice information, I really like it please keep updating it

  10. palinfocom11 Says:

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