Green e-learning

I launched a new vlog today called Greenwise.

It’s tag line is: Bite-sized chunks of environmental knowledge.



I’ve always admired the power of pictures to deliver extensive information concisely, and in this respect a 2-3 minute animation is the perfect medium.

It’s short and sharp, fun and engaging.

So it strikes me as odd that so few environmental organisations have embraced it.

It’s not easy being green

In terms of e-learning, I feel the green sector is not doing enough.

Sure, plenty of environmental organisations have a Facebook page, and some are even active on Twitter, but most of this activity is limited to echoing news or banal self-promotion.

I contend there is huge scope (some might say obligation) for these organisations to educate the public on the issues they hold so dear.

Enter green e-learning

It’s time for the green sector to trade propaganda for education, and I suggest the most efficient way of doing that is via e-learning.

In this age of Flash and Flickr, WordPress and Wikipedia, it’s never been so easy.

Green mouse

For example, with the help of a couple of talented friends, I produced a 2‑minute animation that explains the principles of global warming.

It’s a resource that I hope teachers will show in class, and L&D professionals will show in their workplaces.

But more importantly, I hope it will inspire environmental organisations to teach rather than flog.

3 thoughts on “Green e-learning

  1. Great clip! I have forwarded it to relevant teachers on the ‘Urban Development & the Environment’ programme & have encouraged them to use it in class.

  2. Thanks Kerrie! That’s exactly how I hoped it would be used. Much appreciated.

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