Pearls of wisdom from LearnX 2010

This week I attended the 2010 LearnX Asia Pacific Conference in Sydney.

While I jotted down reams of notes, I’m a big fan of one liners.

So here are some single-sentence pearls of wisdom that I gleaned from the sessions I attended…


Jane Bozarth – Pre- or post-questioning your learners via Twitter stops them from rambling.

Philip Roy – Massey University uses pre-recorded presentations and realtime web conferencing to reduce the transactional distance among their geographically separated students and instructors.

Roger Courville – Twitter can support informal learning outside of formal training sessions.

Miriam Scurrah – Technologies like iClone can make safety training enjoyable.

Ruth McElhone – Rapid authoring tools make in-house development a feasible option.

Chad Outten – Moodle is the #1 LMS among eLearning Guild members.

Tania Tytherleigh – The connection you make with your learners is more important than your experience or your expertise.

Rhys Moult – A little bit of HTML goes a long way.

Helena Popovic – Excitement is food for your brain.

Ramesh Nava – The fundamentals of assessment are validity, reliability and fairness.

Dawid Falck – User generated content is really powerful.

Anne Moore – Don’t think a degree will get you a job; it might get you an interview.

Eric Shepherd – Identity impersonation during e-assessment can be combated by invigilation and microcertification.

I can’t wait for the next one!

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7 Comments on “Pearls of wisdom from LearnX 2010”

  1. mdoriean Says:

    thanks for these little nuggets of wisdom – good way to remember the presentations – my fav was Jane Bozarth’s timely reminder that ” people are out there learning…. without you” to keep us all focussed on the learner and how and why they learn.

  2. Nice one Ryan! I’m a fan of one-liners too :o) Great to meet you at LearnX and hopefully I’ll see you there next year, if not sooner – Nicole

  3. Marnie Says:

    Great summary, Ryan – will be sharing this with colleagues!

    My fav was Dawid Falck’s throw away line – ‘Copying one person is plagiarism, copying many is reseach’. It’s funny because it’s true.

  4. Con Sotidis Says:

    Thanks Ryan – great summary and nice little nuggets. My favourite was also David Falk from Cyberinstitute -informative and entertaining. His story on how Microsoft was beaten to the punch by Wikepedia was a gem.

  5. Ryan Tracey Says:

    Thanks mdoriean, Nicole, Marnie and Con. Dawid Falck’s presentation was certainly one of the highlights. I wish he was on Twitter!

  6. Tania Says:

    Thanks Ryan for the mention! So much to take away from the sessions! Will share mine as soon as I post.

  7. Ryan Tracey Says:

    Looking forward to it, Tania, especially in relation to the concurrent sessions I missed.

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