Thickness of skin required

As a blogger, I have been accused of many things: wrong, outdated, ignorant, and more recently, sexist and unfunny.

How outrageous! Unfunny?

Seriously though, I have always maintained that I blog for myself.
If someone else can draw any value from my musings, that’s a bonus.
Even if someone disagrees with me, that’s fine too, so long as they remember their manners.

I take heart from the vast majority of my readers who are supportive
and constructive. Besides, even popular bloggers attract patronising comments, rock throwers and trolls.

As Steve Farnsworth observes:

Is it worth being provocative, creative, or interesting and possibly offending one person in a 100 so you can speak with the other 99?
Yes, it is.

At least I haven’t been called a douchebag.


Thickness of skin required: From rockstar (thin skin) to blogger (thick skin).

5 thoughts on “Thickness of skin required

  1. Sorry to hear that happened to you. I know how it can throw me for a loop. While it is a good idea to be a little introspective when someone says something you don’t like, in case it holds a grain of truth, it also might mean that your doing something right to get that reaction. However, in all likely, their just a douchebag.

    Keep blogging, my friend. ;-)

  2. Cheers Steve! I used to worry about it, but eventually I have gotten over it. It’s just some people’s manner disappoints me sometimes. Indeed, there is usually at least a grain of truth in what people say, and more often than not it’s simply a matter of perspective. And some people are douchebags – LOL :o)

  3. Yeah its not easy being Noel Gallagher, Courtney Love, Elton John, Sinead O’Connor, Bjork, Ryan Adams, Kanye West, Chad Kroeger, Richard Ashcroft… ;-)

  4. I suppose rockstars need a thick skin to withstand the relentless sex, cocaine and booze!

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