Allergic to ATNA

The reactions of some world leaders to the US diplomatic cables on WikiLeaks has been, well, predictable.

According to The Guardian, Gaddafi of Libya praised WikiLeaks for exposing American “hypocrisy”. Chavez of Venezuela called on Hillary Clinton to resign in the wake of “all of this spying and delinquency”. Linera of Bolivia decried “insults” and “third rate espionage”. And so on around the globe.

I look forward to these governments submitting their own diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks. Then the world can judge their behaviour behind closed doors.

Yeah, right.

Obama and Chavez shake hands like old friends

The hypocrisy of these world leaders has prompted me to self-reflect.

I don’t want to be one of those e-learning “experts” who waxes lyrical about emerging technologies and lofty ideals like collaboration, only to leave it to others to implement (because that’s the hard bit).

I actually want to do it, enable it, drive it, test it, improve it, share it.

Hence I have published this post. Now that I’ve told the world, I have to keep myself accountable!

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