Respect for Klout

A person’s respect for Klout is directly proportional to their Klout Score.

Respect for Klout

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3 Comments on “Respect for Klout”

  1. Would be interested to know how much respect you have for Klout now?
    On another note, do you see the piece in Mashable on the half life of a tweet base on your Klout score?

  2. Ryan Tracey Says:

    Well I have an ordinary Klout Score, so according to my graph, I guess I don’t have much respect for Klout!

    But seriously, Klout has been taking a bit of a beating lately. I suppose an opaque measure is going to attract a bunch of criticism. Personally I think it’s a useful measure of digital influence, but I don’t put too much stock in it.

    I hadn’t read that piece about a tweet’s half life, so thanks for pointing it out. The higher your Klout Score, the higher the half life of your tweets… maybe it is an accurate measure afterall.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    My Klout is nothing special, I did notice that once I went to a smart phone it jumped as I became more active and responsive in Facebook. Sill it is just a number.

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