Last year, Jeff Goldman published Free US History eLearning in honour of Independence Day.

I thought it was such a wonderful idea, I have decided to do something similar in honour of Australia Day.

I hope you find the following Aussie-flavoured e-learning resources to be informative, fun and “bonza”…


Facts and figures

Come To Australia. It’s nice here. You’ll like it.

Where we live in Australia

ABS Spotlight

Australia, a nation transformed



There’s Nothing Like Australia in an App



Photos and images

Picture Australia


Great Australians

Australian Dictionary of Biography

Australia’s Nobel Laureates

On the Money

Heroes of the Air


Aboriginal culture

A History of the World in 100 Objects: Australian bark shield

Indigenous Language Map

Mystery object: Torres Strait Islands

Happytribe’s Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories

Australian History by La Trobe University


European settlement

Cook’s Endeavour Journal


Gold rush

Augmented Reality browsing of Powerhouse Museum around Sydney

The Great Depression

Australian History by La Trobe University


Military history

Make your own conscription poster

Gallipoli: The First Day

The Story of the AE2

The Bombing of Darwin
The Petrov Affair Webquest


The Arts

Design and Art Australia Online


Music Australia

Australia Dancing

Sydney Opera House: Education

Sydney Symphony: Learn and Explore


Science and Technology

Australia Innovates

Australian Geographic


Science Image


Mobile and Social Media

Statistics about mobile phone usage

Asia-Pacific Social Media Statistics

State of Australian Social Media 2011

Social media use by Australians



The first golden age of cricket

AUS Olympic Champions



Aussie English for the Beginner

World Nomads Australian Language Guide


2 thoughts on “Aus-e-learning

  1. Love the list Ryan! Sitting in a conference in London on Australia Day- this allowed me to easily share some of Australia with our european friends.

    Maybe this could be included somewhere.

    BTW- did I see your name on an influential list recently?



    BTW- did

  2. Crikey, that ad sets us back 40 years… literally!

    So you’re sitting in a conference in London on Australia Day? Shouldn’t you be at The Church? ;o)

    And I suppose you’re referring to Asia-Pacific’s list of e-learning “movers and shakers”. Haha, yes, there’s something to be said for being top of mind.


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