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The Green Wiki and the rise of free media

The LearnX Awards were presented in Melbourne yesterday, and I’m proud to say that AMP won the Green Training Award for its Green Wiki.

Dianne Yaako and Ryan Tracey show off their Green Training Award

However, I’m not hyperlinking to the Green Wiki for two reasons:

1. It’s on the AMP network, and
2. Everyone knows what a wiki looks like. (If you don’t, look up Wikipedia or Wetpaint.)

I think the following cartoon by Hugh MacLeod sums up my second point perfectly…

Random Thought

In this particular case, AMP employees are using wiki software to share tips on how to reduce our carbon footprint in the workplace, collaboratively making our company a better corporate citizen.

Notice I said “employees”, not a “task force” or a “strategic working group” or a “steering committee”. Just regular employees like you and me.

And all because someone on the floor decided one day to put the wiki together – talk about democratising the workplace!

Learning Virtually at NAB

OK, I promised to share some of my learnings from the AITD conference with you. It’s been a little while coming, but here’s the first cab off the rank…

Learning Virtually at NAB

Cheryle Walker from the National Australia Bank delivered an informative presentation called Learning Virtually at NAB: Utilising Emerging Technologies. This was a refreshingly honest session in which Cheryle discussed how NAB views the changing L&D landscape.

In a nutshell, NAB sees the new generation of recruits into the workforce as being technology savvy, and having learning preferences that steer away from traditional, instructor-led teaching in favour of a more open, collaborative, peer-to-peer culture.

The organisation recognises that information is becoming more accessible than ever before and, in turn, the learning process is becoming increasingly learner-centric.

So what are they doing about it?

NAB is responding to the changing L&D landscape by broadening its delivery model:

  • Last year NAB delivered face-to-face training to over 24,000 staff – now they are developing virtual classrooms and virtual learning spaces (similar to Second Life) to broaden their reach and make learning more readily available.
  • NAB already delivers online courses – now they are developing blogs and wikis to foster collaboration and capture knowledge from all parts of the organisation.
  • NAB already use DVDs and satellite TV – now they are developing podcasts and digital, on-demand TV.
  • NAB already has a corporate LMS and paper-based development plans – now they are developing “personal learning portals”.
  • NAB already has an intranet – now they are developing a social network.
  • NAB already uses email and intranet-based newsletters – now they are developing RSS feeds and delving into social bookmarking.

By the looks of it, NAB is a role model for the corporate sector in the e‑learning space.

AMP’s social media in the spotlight

A couple of my colleagues are doing some high-profile work in the industry at the moment.

Steven Lewis was on the panel last week at the 9th National Public Affairs Convention, where he talked about Enterprise 2.0 with Christopher Hire and Ross Dawson.

Hot on the heels of this effort is Annalie Killian, who will discuss the building of a collaborative culture inside a “conservative corporation” at next week’s Banking Technology 2008 conference in Sydney.

This event’s program looks really interesting, especially for those involved with e-learning in the financial services sector. I think registration is still open!

Learning alive!

…that was the tag line of the AITD 2008 National Conference, which I attended last week at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney.

AITD logo

This year’s program had plenty of e-learning related sessions, and the ones I attended were informative and thought provoking.

Over the next few weeks I will share with you my learnings from these sessions, along with my two-cents’ worth of what it means for the corporate sector.