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Learning Virtually at NAB

OK, I promised to share some of my learnings from the AITD conference with you. It’s been a little while coming, but here’s the first cab off the rank…

The new generation

Cheryle Walker from the National Australia Bank delivered an informative presentation called Learning Virtually at NAB: Utilising Emerging Technologies. This was a refreshingly honest session in which Cheryle discussed how NAB views the changing L&D landscape.

In a nutshell, NAB sees the new generation of recruits into the workforce as being technology savvy, and having learning preferences that steer away from traditional, instructor-led teaching in favour of a more open, collaborative, peer-to-peer culture.

The organisation recognises that information is becoming more accessible than ever before and, in turn, the learning process is becoming increasingly learner-centric.

Hand hovering over a laptop keyboard.

So what are they doing about it?

NAB is responding to the changing L&D landscape by broadening its delivery model:

  • Last year NAB delivered face-to-face training to over 24,000 staff – now they are developing virtual classrooms and virtual learning spaces (similar to Second Life) to broaden their reach and make learning more readily available.
  • NAB already delivers online courses – now they are developing blogs and wikis to foster collaboration and capture knowledge from all parts of the organisation.
  • NAB already use DVDs and satellite TV – now they are developing podcasts and digital, on-demand TV.
  • NAB already has a corporate LMS and paper-based development plans – now they are developing “personal learning portals”.
  • NAB already has an intranet – now they are developing a social network.
  • NAB already uses email and intranet-based newsletters – now they are developing RSS feeds and delving into social bookmarking.

By the looks of it, NAB is a role model for the corporate sector in the e‑learning space.