Tips & tricks for self-publishers – Part 4

In Tips & tricks for self publishers – Part 3 I explained how to self publish a paperback.

Now that your book is available, you will need to inform your customers that it exists. If you’re relying on their extraordinary Google and Amazon search skills to be “discovered”, you’re dreaming. You need to do much more than that to get noticed!

So please find below Part 4 of my series which provides tips on how to ramp up your sales…

Man pulling $5 bill ourt of wallet.

There are literally hundreds of ways to promote a product. I’m no marketing expert, but here are several tactics that I have found fruitful:

  • Tell all your followers on Facebook, Twitter and other forums.
  • Create a Facebook page.
  • Ask your friends and allies to publish a review.
  • If you write a blog, inform your subscribers.
  • Add a profile to Google Books.
  • Promote VIP discounts with a coupon code.
  • Advertise on social media and in specialist magazines.

Another tactic I think is often overlooked is to take advantage of all the bells and whistles on your book’s profile page on Amazon. For example:

  • Solicit “likes” and customer reviews.
  • Activate “Look Inside the Book”.
  • Upload customer images.
  • Add keyword tags.
  • Create an author page.

My author page on Amazon

This is the final part of my Tips & tricks for self publishers series. I hope you have found the information useful, and I wish you all the best in your quest to publish your own books.

Keep me posted!

7 thoughts on “Tips & tricks for self-publishers – Part 4

  1. Excellent idea! In fact, I’m going to submit my request to The Canary today :o)

  2. I love it when resources get shared. I am at the “sponge” stage, soaking everything in. So thanks. And now I have a gift for you.

    About a month ago, I switched from blogging on to The change has been remarkable. The readers on WordPress are far more interactive than those on Blogger. I feel welcomed into the new WordPress community.

    In that vein, a real sweetheart made my day, by nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. A “shout out” and thank you to Turber of for the nomination.

    Now, I am nominating YOU! You have been one of the bloggers who has welcomed me, so this is my way of thanking you.

    On March 20, I will post your site on my blog as a nominee for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please read the post that day to find out all the details. There is a nice award .jpeg you can add to your site.

  3. Wow, Fay, that’s very generous. Thank you so much! I look forward to reading the nomination on your blog.

    Regarding, I find that platform infuriating when I try to post a comment. Maybe that’s got something to do with it?

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