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My Top 10 movers and shakers

20 January 2015

I am humbled to once more be voted into Bob Little’s annual list of E-Learning Movers and Shakers for the Asia-Pacific region.

While I take these kinds of lists with a grain of salt, I do not deny that being acknowledged by my peers generates a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Now I would like to shine the light on some of my influencers in this corner of the world. Click the image below to discover my Top 10 movers and shakers in the Asia-Pacific region…

My Top 10 movers and shakers in the Asia-Pacific region

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a hat tip to a small selection of generous education professionals who think out loud and work out loud.

I learn so much from these people, and I dare say you will too.

E-Learning events in the Asia-Pacific region 2012

10 January 2012

With 2012 gathering steam, it’s time to plan the next round of professional development events to attend.

If you’ll be in my corner of the globe over the next 12 months, may I draw your attention to the following…

Man working on computer at the beach

Australian eLearning Congress
• Where: Sydney
• When: 7-9 February 2012
• Theme: eLearning business case studies
• More info: Ark Group

Learning Cafe Unconference
• Where: Sydney
• When: 16 February 2012
• Theme: Near future of learning in Australia
• More info: Learning Cafe

Australian Instructional Design Conference
• Where: Sydney
• When: 21 March 2012
• Theme: Designing instructionally sound and engaging learning
• More info: LearnX Foundation

Blended Learning Conference
• Where: Sydney
• When: 21-23 March 2012
• Theme: Engaging learners with innovative solutions
• More info: Liquid Learning

International Conference on Teaching with Technology
• Where: Singapore
• When: 27-30 March 2012
• Theme: Do IT! Transform learning, shape the future
• More info: ISTE

AITD National Conference
• Where: Sydney
• When: 18-19 April 2012
• Theme: Learning strategy, training techniques and technology
• More info: AITD

CeBIT Australia
• Where: Sydney
• When: 22-24 May 2012
• Theme: Stay ahead of the game
• More info: CeBIT

International Conference on Human Computer Interaction
• Where: Tokyo
• When: 29-30 May 2012
• Theme: HCI experiences, research, challenges and solutions
• More info: WASET

eLearning Forum Asia
• Where: Beijing
• When: 12-14 June 2012
• Theme: Engaging technology-driven learners
• More info: Peking University

International Conference on E-Learning
• Where: Hong Kong
• When: 21-22 June 2012
• Theme: Open educational resources
• More info: Academic Conferences International

PLE Conference
• Where: Melbourne
• When: 11-13 July 2012
• More info: PLE2012

KM Australia Congress
• Where: Sydney
• When: 24-26 July 2012
• Theme: Putting the pieces together
• More info: KM Australia

LearnX Asia Pacific
• Where: Melbourne
• When: 29-30 August 2012
• Theme: Learning today for tomorrow’s success
• More info: LearnX

World Human Resources Congress
• Where: Melbourne
• When: 25-28 September 2012
• Theme: What does the future hold? How will business evolve?
• More info: HRIZON

• Where: Auckland
• When: 10-12 October 2012
• Theme: Collaborate, innovate, educate
• More info: CORE Education

Ascilite Annual Conference
• Where: Wellington
• When: 25-28 November 2012
• Theme: Future challenges and sustainable futures
• More info: Ascilite

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you are aware of other events in the Asia-Pacific region, please add a comment below…


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