My Top 10 movers and shakers

I am humbled to once more be voted into Bob Little’s annual list of E-Learning Movers and Shakers for the Asia-Pacific region.

While I take these kinds of lists with a grain of salt, I do not deny that being acknowledged by my peers generates a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Now I would like to shine the light on some of my influencers in this corner of the world. Click the image below to discover my Top 10 movers and shakers in the Asia-Pacific region…

My Top 10 movers and shakers in the Asia-Pacific region

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a hat tip to a small selection of generous education professionals who think out loud and work out loud.

I learn so much from these people, and I dare say you will too.

9 thoughts on “My Top 10 movers and shakers

  1. Ryan…I was going to write this post (or something similar) in response to That List too!! Guess you beat me to it… : ) I am not much of a list person either – they are all inherently subjective, much like your own PLN. But as you say, it’s always nice to be included on one : ). And moreover – always fascinating to see the other people’s lists and discover new people to add to your PLN. I will be exploring your map with interest! Thank you for this (…I guess I’m going to have to write mine soon too now!)

  2. Please do write up your own, Tanya. I too would like to add more people to my PLN, though I suspect we’d have a lot of cross over!

    In regards to the subjectivity of lists such as these, that is something that I have indeed considered – The nature of digital influence: – As I mention in this post, I have no problem with subjectivity, so long as it’s not dressed up as objectivity ;0)

  3. Thanks for including me in your list Ryan, I’m humbled. While I’m not yet familiar with all the people on your list, those that I do know (including yourself) have been a wonderful source of inspiration, ideas and support. Cheers!

  4. I have to say Ryan that I’m extremely honoured to be on your list – and if I have any impact on your learning even better :) as always great to connect and I love your work :)

  5. Cheers Nigel. I very much appreciate your thinking and working our loud, so please keep it up!

  6. Thanks Ryan for pointing me to your other post on measuring digital influence. Really insightful and many similar thoughts had run through my mind when I first considered this list and how it may have been determined. Your post exposes the thinking behind these lists – thank you : )

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