Text ain’t half bad

Man's fingers typing on a keyboard.

In a previous post, Give shovelware the shove, I discussed the scourge of shovelware.

I want to point out, however, that text is not necessarily shovelware.

While it’s true that shovelware is typically text heavy, dismissing all text-heavy courseware as “shovelware” is short-sighted. That’s just branding it guilty by association.

We all know that the written word can be informative, insightful, engaging and thought provoking. Of course, people have been learning by reading for centuries.

If we were to turn around now and say that people don’t learn via text, then we might as well throw away our books. In fact, we might as well shut down our blogs and wikis too.

My point is, text-heavy courseware isn’t inherently bad. Sure, it can be done better – but if the quality of the content is good and a bit of thought has gone into the instructional design, then it’s light years ahead of shovelware.

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