10 journals every e-learning professional should read

I was delighted when Matt Guyan blogged 5 Books Every eLearning Professional Should Read in response to my 5 papers every learning professional should read.

I feel the urge to lob the ball back over the net, so I shall do so now with a list of 10 journals I believe every e-learning professional should read.

By “journals”, I mean academic periodicals that publish the results of empirical research.

By “read”, I mean scan the abstracts occasionally as time permits, while deep-diving into a particular paper if it arouses sufficient interest.

A tennis ball resting on a tennis racquet.

Here are the journals in alphabetical order. Each one is freely accessible.

  1. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology
  2. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology
  3. Current Issues in Emerging eLearning
  4. Electronic Journal of e-Learning
  5. International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning
  6. Journal of Social Media for Learning
  7. Journal of Interactive Media in Education
  8. Journal of Online Learning Research
  9. Online Learning
  10. Research in Learning Technology

Do you have any others to add to the list?

12 thoughts on “10 journals every e-learning professional should read

  1. I have some of these on my list and will take a look at the ones I’ve not come across before. I also find interesting papers in The British Journal of Educational Technology, Innovations in Education and Teaching International, and The Internet and Higher Education

  2. Surprised that the British Journal of Educational Technology wasn’t on your list (someone else mentioned) as well as Educational Technology Research and Development.

    But also might go a bit further afield for the “training” side of the work with journals like Human Resource Development Quarterly, Human Resource Development Review, Journal of Workplace Learning, and European Journal of Training and Development.

  3. Thank you! I’ve already read some of these magazines, but not all. I think I should go with the others.
    Also, the commentaries mentioned a British magazine. I think it’s one of the best about e-learning.

  4. Cheers Brendon! Too bad the British one isn’t freely accessible, though I notice you can browse a free sample issue :)

  5. Hmm… not sure what happened there. I’ve replaced it with the Journal of Social Media for Learning. Thanks for letting me know, Joshua.

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