E-Learning events in Australia in 2014

As another year dawns, another round of professional development opportunities beckon down under… Bonza!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Australian eLearning Congress
• Where: Melbourne
• When: 11-13 February 2014
• More info: Ark Group

Learning Cafe Unconference
• Where: Sydney
• When: 20 February 2014
• More info: Learning Cafe

The Future of Learning Conference
• Where: Sydney
• When: 24-25 February 2014
• More info: Informa

Blended Learning Conference
• Where: Sydney
• When: 12-13 March 2014
• More info: Liquid Learning

• Where: Sydney
• When: 12-14 March 2014
• More info: Association & Communications Events

iDesignX – Australian Instructional Design Conference
• Where: Sydney
• When: 19 March 2014
• More info: LearnX Foundation

eLearning Design Workshop with Tom Kuhlmann
• Where: Sydney
• When: 20 & 21 March 2014
• More info: B Online Learning

Special Education Technology Needs Congress
• Where: Sydney
• When: 1-3 April 2014
• More info: Association & Communications Events

Australian Government Social Media Best Practice Toolkit
• Where: Canberra
• When: 9-10 April 2014
• More info: Ark Group

CeBIT Australia
• Where: Sydney
• When: 5-7 May 2014
• More info: CeBIT Australia

AITD National Conference
• Where: Sydney
• When: 14-15 May 2014
• More info: AITD

Workplace Learning Congress
• Where: Sydney
• When: 16 May 2014
• More info: ElNet

iMoot 2014
• Where: Online (Perth)
• When: 15-19 May 2014
• More info: iMoot

Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference
• Where: Gold Coast
• When: 20-23 May 2014
• More info: Spectronics

EduTECH 2014
• Where: Brisbane
• When: 3-4 June 2014
• More info: EduTECH

The Australian Government Online Learning Toolkit 2014
• Where: Canberra
• When: 18-19 June 2014
• More info: Ark Group

Flat Connections Conference 2014
• Where: Sydney
• When: 18-20 June 2014
• More info: Flat Connections

Moodlemoot AU
• Where: Cairns
• When: 30 June – 2 July 2014
• More info: Moodlerooms

Slide 2 Learn
• Where: Sydney
• When: 1-2 July 2014
• More info: Slide 2 Learn

KM Australia 2014
• Where: Sydney
• When: 22-24 July 2014
• More info: KM Australia

Strategies for Developing Impact Measurement for Your Learning Programmes
• Where: Melbourne
• When: 14 August 2014
• More info: Ark Group

• Where: Adelaide
• When: 25-28 August 2014
• More info: Simulation Australia

SimTecT2014 – Asia-Pacific Simulation Training Conference
• Where: Adelaide
• When: 25-28 August 2014
• More info: Simulation Australia

• Where: Melbourne
• When: 12-14 September 2014
• More info: iwbNet

Australian Computers in Education Conference
• Where: Adelaide
• When: 30 September – 3 October 2014
• More info: ACCE

LearnX Asia Pacific
• Where: Melbourne
• When: 14 October 2014
• More info: LearnX

Blended Learning 2014
• Where: Sydney
• When: 14-17 October 2014
• More info: IQPC

• Where: Sydney
• When: 27-29 October 2014
• More info: Association & Communications Events

V2Conference 2014
• Where: Brisbane
• When: 6-7 November 2014
• More info: V2Training

• Where: Melbourne
• When: 20-21 November 2014
• More info: eWorks

If you are the organiser of one of these events, don’t forget to boil the backchannel…!

15 thoughts on “E-Learning events in Australia in 2014

  1. Hey Ryan,
    thanks for collating these events…I was looking for such a list about 18 months ago – found it was actually quite difficult to find, so great to have it all on one page. Nice work!

  2. Also – great pic of the bridge (couldn’t resist linking out to Sam’s flickr stream) – it’s digitally enhanced, right?

  3. Great list thanks! Thanks also for including the Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference in this collation of E-Learning events in Oz. Considering the needs of ALL students of many and varied learning styles and abilities is key to the successful integration of technologies in the classroom. And beyond. Cheers!

  4. Thanks Barbara, and thanks to Spectronics for organising the event on such an important topic. You’ve really got your work cut out.

  5. Can I add an event to the list Ryan?

    The Flat Connections Conference to be held in Sydney on June 18-20, 2014. More info: http://www.flatconnections.com/sydney-2014.html. The conference “is a unique event that includes students and educators to envision the future of education and of learning communities as they use leading technology tools such as wikis, blogs, social networking and digital storytelling”.

    As a bit of an overview – “Flat Connections provides resources, skills, strategies and access to learning about the world, with the world. Led by Julie Lindsay, Flat Connections joins learners with the purpose of ‘learning while doing’ in a global context” – read more here: http://www.flatconnections.com/about.html.


  6. A great list but still perplexed why you label this as eLearning Events when a number of these are not eLearning events or have any eLearning focus – maybe separating them could be an option- still it is your blog and your list so well done in getting it done.

  7. Thanks for your feedback, Con.

    I accept the impact measurement conference isn’t e-learning focused, but I included it in my list because it’s being facilitated by Nigel Paine who is widely known in e-learning circles and is well versed in educational technologies and trends.

    But you suggest there are others… which ones?

  8. Ryan,

    Great list – I am grateful that you have taken the time to pull this together… What events are you presenting at this year? I hope to catchup again during this years LearnX.

  9. Thanks Luke. The list grows longer every year, which is pleasing to see.

    I intend to be at LearnX, and also AITD and Elnet (yet to be listed). Whether as attendee or presenter, that’s all yet to be determined.

    Looking forward to catching up again.

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